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Know Your Condiments 

Do you ever thing about the toppings on your sandwich? Most people don’t but here at Etno we want to deliver the freshest sauces, condiments and vegetables on every one of our crafted gourmet sandwiches and burgers. We take pride in using the finest ingredients to bring all of these fresh toppings to you. 

Fresh Ingredients used in making our house made pickles

Fresh Ingredients used in making our house made pickles

We locally source all of vegetables. When you are ordering lettuce, cabbage, red onion, cucumber and/or tomato on your sandwich, it is the freshest we can find. We also make our own pickles in house. We take our raw pickles and create two kind of house made pickles. We make a kosher dill pickle and a bread & butter pickle. We use fresh dill and various spices in order to achieve a fresh tasting kosher dill pickle. Again it is your choice on which pickle you would like to add to your sandwich. They are both so delicious, it is hard to choose just one. 

We also make our banana peppers in house. If your looking to add a little spice to your crafted sandwich I highly recommend you throw these on your next sandwich. It will definitely warm you up and add a little crunch to your meal.  

Our Fresh Vegetables including our House made Pickles and Banana Peppers

Our Fresh Vegetables including our House made Pickles and Banana Peppers

All of our sauces are made in house. Our most famous sauce among our customers is our Etno Sauce. It is a combination of sour cream, red pepper powder and feta. I’ve caught a few customers eating it with a spoon. I would be lying if I said I never did that either. The sauce is featured on our Crafted Inspiration Pork Loin Sandwich or our Crafted Etno Burger. The best part is that you can add it to any of our sandwiches. So if you haven’t tried the Etno sauce, I highly recommend you try it on your next visit. I guarantee you will have a new favorite. 

House made Lemon Aioli

House made Lemon Aioli

All of our food is prepared to order and you can always craft your own gourmet sandwich with the sauces you want. We also have many other house made sauces available including our ajvar, tzatziki, fancy spread, lemon aioli, garlic/chives spread and onion marmalade. The avjar sauce is a combination of red peppers, eggplant & garlic and is as popular as the Etno Spread. The avjar sauce comes with our grilled cevap or Dunabe chicken sandwich. So when your feeling saucy, we will have your sandwich covered for you. 

House made Sauces

House made Sauces

Next time you go out to eat, stop and think about your toppings. Are they coming out of a can? If they are, then that’s not right. Search out restaurants that take the time to create food from scratch. It’s healthier for you and not to mention it tastes better. We love being able to provide a fresh and delicious toppings for all of our crafted sandwiches and burgers. So if you haven’t been into Etno lately, then it’s time to come back and meet your condiments. You will be happy you did. 

The Waffle Waffle Sandwich

Our team has a lot of fun coming up with different Burgers of the Week and this week was no different. We decided to pay tribute to the Waffle. Did you know that the Waffle can be dated back to Medieval times around the 9th century? Now that is a long time ago. Also the word waffle first appears in the English language in the year 1725. So it is safe to say that everyone loves waffles, just based on the history that this food item has been around.

Waffle Waffle Sandwich

So as we sat down and started working on this masterpiece, we knew that the Waffle was our bread of choice. Now we needed to figure out what we were going to put in the middle of our sandwich. Would we go fried chicken or maybe one of our grass-fed burgers, then it hit us. Why not put our house made Pleska Patty in there. One of the questions we always get at the restaurant is what is a Pleska Patty. This is a traditional food found in Serbia and is very popular in the southeastern region of Europe. We grind up beef and pork and mix it with onion to make the patty. If you have not had one of our Pleska Patties or our Spicy Balkan Sandwiches, then give them a try on your next visit.

Now we needed to add some more toppings to finish creating this incredible sandwich. So we topped the Pleska Patty with maple butter, bacon, caramelized onion and our farm fresh sunny side egg. Our Waffle Sandwich was starting to take on a breakfast theme and who doesn’t love breakfast for lunch or dinner! In fact, we thought this sandwich was so nice we had to name it twice and “The Waffle Waffle Sandwich” was born at Etno.

Waffle Waffle Sandwich

Unfortunately like all of our Burgers of the Week, we know that there time is limited, so you need to swing by to try this delicious combination. I know I will be sad when it is gone because I was in love on my very first bite and I know you will too. We hope to see you soon!On a side note, if you want to learn more about the history of the waffle then go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waffle
You will have so much waffle knowledge you will be ready for the next Trivia Night.

Soup For You

One of the things we love at Etno is creating weekly soups and with winter approaching quickly we could not think of anything more delicious. Our chefs all love bringing great ideas to the kitchen on what soup we should create. It can get heated in the kitchen but it is fun to throw out ideas.  At Etno, we strive to deliver a delicious and unique bowl that is sure to please every customer.  One of the factors that come in to play on all of our soup choices is what is available for us locally and seasonally. This weeks soup is no exception to this rule. In fact, it is like Fall in a bowl. One spoon and you are going to want to crawl under a blanket and hibernate until spring but do not worry you will not starve because we can always deliver a bowl to your door.

This week we are featuring a Sweet Potato with Cinnamon Apple Soup. We garnish the soup with tarragon and a cinnamon apple chip. It is also Vegetarian too. Many of our customers love that we have options for our non-meat eating friends. As a lover of soup, I really do not care because a bowl of this is delicious and it warms me up on a cold Chicago night.

Sweet Potato with Cinnamon Apple soup

Now I do recommend you call first to find out what our chefs have cooked up because when we run out of soup we are back to the drawing board. I love the surprise factor when I walk in the door at Etno and we have a new soup displayed on our chalk board. So if you have not tried one of our soups in the past, I highly recommend you grab a bowl. It is a nice addition to any of our Craft Burgers or Signature Sandwiches.  The weather outside may be cold but a house made bowl of our Etno Soup promises to warm you up. So get in out of the cold and let us serve up a bowl to you.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Buffalo Chicken Slider

Every week at Etno Village Grill we love to have fun and create a unique Burger of the Week. The fun part is getting to create new toppings and sauces, while testing them on our delicious grass-fed beef. This week we decided to throw a new twist on our ‘Burger of the Week’ and create sliders but not the sliders that you think of at 2am. We wanted to go gourmet Chicken Sliders.

With the fall season rapidly upon us and our Chicago Bears in the middle of a three way tie in the division, all we could think about was something spicy. We also wondered what would be the most perfect food to go with this kind of weather. Then it hit us! We decided to create a sauce using Frank’s Original. We knew not to mess with an original, when it came to a buffalo sauce. We then tossed our delicious house made fried chicken in the sauce and our inspiration started there.

Now eating chicken wings can get messy on the fingers and we decided to put our spicy piece of chicken in one of our Red Hen buns. This will save you a few napkins.

And the Chicken Slider at Etno was born.




Buffalo Chicken Slider Plate

Now it was on to the toppings and we had so many ideas. Bacon was high on our list and who doesn’t love bacon, so we added a piece on top and then topped it off with our blue cheese sauce. We needed some crunch too so we added our cabbage and thin sliced red onion. I must admit I was in love after my first bite. I may never go back to a chicken wing again. Okay who am I fooling? I could never do that. These are only around for a short time, so make sure you pick up a few before they are history. In fact, these go perfect on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, as you watch football all day long. They even taste good on Tuesday and Wednesday but not Monday because we are closed.

Steak Sandwiches Are Back!


Our steak sandwich is back from its hiatus! Our purveyors recently presented us with a beautiful cut of grass fed sirloin we would have been remiss to pass up. Our culinary team hand trimmed the steak and complemented the sandwich with sauteed onions, banana peppers, Dr. Pepper BBQ, Pancetta aioli, and American cheese.  Honestly, do we need to say more?

Plum Out Of Luck

IMG_1622In the last few weeks, we have refocused our efforts to provide the best seasonal and organic options we can find in our everyday menu items, such as mushrooms from Wisconsin and zucchini from Illinois. Along the same lines, we have let the market shape our recent burgers of the week and so we’re happy to feature the Plum Out Of Luck Burger of the Week.

On a trip to Whole Foods, it was impossible to bypass the beautiful plums in their fully seasonal prime. We decided to feature the plums two ways in one burger. First, plums were charred on the grill and mixed with a delicious marinade concoction featuring molasses and soy sauce to make a thick, rich plum sauce. Secondly, plums were pureed with shallots, garlic, Dijon, salt, and oil to form a delicate plum vinaigrette. We received an aged goat cheese called Humboldt Fog that provides a sharp contrast to the sweet plum flavors. To top it off, our house made pickled banana peppers, golden delicious apple, red onion, and spring greens to create the Plum Out Of Luck. Come in while you can because supplies are limited, you don’t want to miss this delicious treat!IMG_1620


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