Chef Cason has been fiending to make a Romesco sauce and he found the perfect opportunity in our newest burger of the week, The Catalan. Romesco sauce originates in Spain, so to bring it all together, he deconstructed one of everybody’s favorite tapas, the bacon wrapped dates, and made this blogger’s favorite burger of the week to date. The Romesco sauce features grilled red peppers, garlic, red wine vinegar, almonds, and is thickened with bread to create an incredibly flavorful and balanced spread. In between the sauce and the brioche bun is the grass fed beef from the local Q7 Ranch, crispy applewood smoked bacon, a heaping portion of melting asiago cheese, and nature’s candy, the always delicious medjool dates. It took me about two minutes to chow down this half pound plus burger, tomorrow when I eat it again I’ll try and savor it…for about five minutes, ha. This burger is so perfectly put together, a couple customers today said it best, there’s no need to wax poetic when the fact is, “it’s so damn good!!”