Vegetarians, rejoice, for you have asked for another option, and Chef Cason has complied, with the Black Bean Burger. This special burger is as delicious as healthy, with a touch of spice. The black beans are combined with a special blend of spices, tomatoes, jalapenos, eggs, and more and is formed into a patty that is seared on the outside. Our prep chef Hugo, from La Ciudad de Mexico, concocted an incredible pico de gallo, his special blend of red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and jalapenos, that tops the patty. Underneath it all is a house made jalapeno ranch and it is as delicious as it sounds. Everything is held inside of a whole wheat roll, toasted and baked fresh that morning. Come in while you can, because unless there is a popular reception amongst Etno fans, this vegetarian burger won’t be around for long!

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