We want to honor our loyal customers who ask for mayo on their burgers, pleskas, fries, and even in a cup to dip their fingers. So, for this week, our burger of the week features a fresh herb infused remoulade that is mayo based and has a great balance between the spice and the mayonnaise. We saute a giant’s handful of onions and shitake mushrooms and then melt Mexico’s version of mozzarella, oaxaca cheese, in all of it’s stringy glory. When I took this picture, I was offering half a burger to anyone thinking I wasn’t hungry, about 2 minutes later, I was really glad I got to enjoy this half pound burger of the week all to myself!

You can never have too many fresh herbs, so try our French Onion soup while available, too. It has a twist because we used beer instead of wine, and the fresh thyme flavor in the soup matches the Burger of the Week!

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