Sometimes, you just have to put your faith in us, more specifically in Chef Cason. He works his magic, lets the lucky couple of us sample, and then tweaks it to give it that perfect complement. This week’s burger of the week features a half pound hand-formed medium-cooked grass fed beef from the Q7 Ranch. After toasting the bun, we slather it with Chef Cason’s apricot cream cheese mixture. Jalapeno slices are placed with care on the bottom, spring mix on the top. Crispy, applewood smoked bacon is placed on the patty and the burger is finished with a sunny side egg up deftly slid into it’s glorious place. It doesn’t seem like it comes together, and then you take the first bite, and next thing you know the blackout ends and their is nothing but crumbs on your tray. Just do it.


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