Chef Cason blessed us with one of the more unique Burger of the Weeks this time around. Different, bold, addicting, this burger pays homage to beautiful Japanese flavors that work unbelievably well. I would eat the toppings of the burger all on their own as a dish, but we are fortunate enough to begin with the best grass fed beef from the Q7 Ranch, a mere 50 miles away from Etno. Chef combined shiro miso, a naturally fermented soybean paste that has a salt and sweet kick, with mustard for the sauce, like honey mustard only much, much better. Japanese eggplant are cut to order on the bias and flash fried to a nice golden brown and placed on the bottom, scallions are generously laid to rest on the top bun. Finally, shitake mushrooms, which have been marinating in soy sauce and chili pepper flakes, are placed on top of the burger. The flavors, so many, and so right. Offering for a limited time, even though I wish I could eat this every day, so hurry in!

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