We do everything we can at Etno to get the most out of our produce and meats. For instance, chicken is broken down for sandwiches, chicken tenders, and sausage, with as little waste as possible. So after a crazy fun, sangria-filled Taste of Lincoln Avenue weekend, we were left to pick up our normal routine, with an abundance of eggplant, asparagus, and jalapeno. Waste not, so we grilled all three to make a wonderful grilled veggie topping. Chef Cason whipped up a romesco sauce with day old bread and almonds. Finally, we topped it all off with the last of our mozzarella cheese. Great char flavor throughout, with an overall freshness that is also apparent. Making the most out of what we have on hand, that’s the Etno way, enjoy this burger of the week with some housemade gazpacho and feel some relief from the heat, if only for a moment.

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